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Welcome to Flippr


Welcome to Flippr! From the people that brought you Penguin+ and ProPenguin comes a CPPS to bring forth an entire new generation of CPPSes! Flippr has been customized from the ground up, but you have the power to make it yours! Edit your penguin and igloo like on any other CPPS, but also edit your bubble color, name color, ring color, and even choose from a variety of interfaces!

  • Change various aspects of your penguin to your liking!
  • Play as characters such as Klutzy, Tusk, Herbert, Protobot, and more!
  • Decorate custom igloos based on rooms!
  • Choose from a myriad of normal and custom items to dress your penguin with!
  • Meet real mascots and recieve their official backgrounds!

Play your way, with no pay

Model Girl 2

Flippr is a 100% free CPPS, with no premium features or charged services. We are supported entirely by advertisements on our play page, not your money. Flippr provides the same experience for everyone, so enjoy it! There's tons of ways to hang out with your friends!

  • Flippr features a unique private message system called FlipprMail to contact your friends regardless of if they are online!
  • When your friends are online, talk to them through the in-game Flippr Chat Private Chat System!
  • Meet up with your friends in cool, well seated rooms, and just have fun hanging out!
  • If you speak a language other than English, submit a request for a server designated to the native language of you and your friends!
  • Make new friends along the way! With no limit to your buddy list, meet and friend everyone you like!


Flippr CPPS was born out design and innovation. We will continue to keep on improving and adding to the game for a long time to come!

Recent News

  • Website has launched! Explore the website and learn about what Flippr has to offer! If your reading this, chances are you've already started!
  • Register Open Soon Keep an eye of the website for when the register opens! Make sure to get a low ID!
  • Launch Deadline Set Flippr CPPS will launch by Valetine's Day, February 14th, 2014. Check back frequently though, we may surprise you with an earlier launch!


  • We can be contacted in one of the two following ways:
  • Visit our contact page and fill out a support request.
  • Send an email to our support staff at support@flipprtime.com